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A proclaimed city dated April 7, 2001, Calamba is identified as a major growth center and is extremely well positioned to be such. Its highly strategic location, being in a major crossroad in the Region, augurs well for the development of regional facilities. Current and proposed projects, as identified in several government and private sector plans, further strengthen the municipality’s position as major hub in governance, manufacturing, trading, and transshipment. Its sub-urbanization is also well entrenched being the proposed site of major residential community projects and well-established learning institutions.

The city has a well-established tourism are in Brgy. Pansol and its vicinity is the one of numerous hot springs and resorts. The tourism belt of Calamba is a traditional recreational area, which services a broad market segment reaching Metro Manila and outlying provinces. Aside from this, it also hosts part of the Makiling Forest Reservation which has several potentials for eco-tourism development. Calamba also has a very strong historic character, being the birthplace of Dr. Jose Rizal. The present house creates a significant historic focal point.


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