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School Name
School Head
  Calamba Institute(Elementary & Secondary)   Halang
  Canossa(College,HS, Elem Nursery)   Halang
  Montessory (Elem and High School)   San Cristobal
  Marybelle (Elem and High School)   Mayapa
  Laguna College Business and Art (College,HS, Elem Nursery)   Brgy. 3
  Letran(College,HS, Elem Nursery)   Halang
  Liceo De Calamba(Elementary & Secondary)   Brgy. 6
  Perpetual Help, Rizal(College,HS, Elem)   Paciano Rizal
  Saint John(College,HS, Elem)   Brgy. 3
  San Sebastian (Elem and High School)   Canlubang
  Sta Cecilla (Elem and High School)   Canlubang
  Saint Peter (Elem and High School)   Parian


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