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A festival is an event, usually staged by a local community, which centers on some unique aspect of that community.

Among many religions, a feast or festival is a set of celebrations in honour of God or gods. A feast and a festival are historically interchangeable. However, the term "feast" has also entered common secular parlance as a synonym for any large or elaborate meal.

05 April Real and Mamatid
01 May San Jose
06 May Sampiruhan and Looc
15 May Halang
24 May Mayapa
30 May Pansol
31 May Lecheria and Paciano
07 June Bucal
24 June Barangay 1 to 7
29 June Palingon and Lingga
01 July San Cristobal
16 August Bañadero
28 August Parian
28 November Masili
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